Already Perfect

This small Zen Buddhist site shows what you can do with the power of Retreat Suite Hosted.  You should definitely visit the site, but we're going to take you behind the scenes and show you what the various site administrators see when they log in.  Click on an image to make it bigger.

One dashboard.  Many Roles.

Home base for your administrators is their dashboard, which shows all the events and actions they can take based on their role in the system.  Calendar admins edit events, registrars manage registrations and media managers upload audio and video.  Site admins get to make new pages and edit them.

Ready.  Set.  Action.

It's hard to see how administrator screens work with just a screenshot.  Included in Retreat Suite are video tutorials to walk you through all its features.  In each of these sections, we'll give you a link to a tutorial to see how they work.  This time we'll show you the teacher dashboard.


Registrars mission control

This page is for registrars where they make sure all your events are filled and paid.  They communicate with attendees and manage waitlists.  They see to special needs, distribute reports to event managers and even keep the kitchen up to date with dietary needs.

No juggling.  No cracks.

All of the standard processes are managed automatically by Retreat Suite, which sends a whopping 15 different kinds of special case emails for you that do everything from remind people to mail in their check to matching people for carpools.  Your registrar only gives extra care to the special cases.


Check please

Retreat Suite supports dozens of payment options.  Suggested donation, sliding scales, scholarships, add-on fees, donations, deposits, early bird pricing, coupon books and lottery registration.  We accept checks and credit cards.

Bases covered

Your calendar admin can model any kind of event.  We have classes, retreats, drop-in groups, repeating events, workshops, you name it.  We can even create courses with irregular meeting patterns and skipped weeks.


Why stop here?

You can view our whole tutorial library.  What better way to spend the afternoon?