Let's compare our hosted and custom options

Retreat Suite Hosted

Our hosted system replaces your current web site.  It offers a flexible template you can use to copy your existing content while adding all the Retreat Suite features.

We will give you full red carpet support to get you up and running for your first month.

We will bill you $250/month, which includes:

  • Hosting your domain name and web site

  • 20 teachers

  • Unlimited video and audio talks by your teachers

  • Unlimited events

  • Checks and Credit Cards accepted

  • Industry low transaction fee of 2.2% on credit cards

  • Unlimited web pages

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Marketing emails

  • Technical support

  • Anytime upgrade to Retreat Suite Custom

  • And all the features of Retreat Suite

Choose Retreat Suite Hosted if:

  • You want to start hosting media and accepting registrations right away.

  • You prefer a simple, easy-to-use system.

  • You do not have complicated existing systems and processes.

  • You prefer low monthly payments with the option to cancel at any time.

Take a test drive.  No credit card required.

Retreat Suite Custom

We can build a complete custom solution for you with all the features of Retreat Suite.

A custom system allows you total control of design, features, site language and layout.  It also allows us to model existing processes you follow and adapt Retreat Suite to them.  If you have existing systems used for donor management, outreach and mailing lists, we can build connectors to them to make Retreat Suite operate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Our custom systems often pay for themselves within a couple years when compared to our hosted option, but you are left with a no-compromise solution tailored just to you.

Choose Retreat Suite Custom if:

  • You have existing systems you want to preserve, or a complicated existing web site.

  • You prefer flexibility.

  • You need more than 5 staff or volunteers to have editing access to the site.

  • You can afford a larger up-front investment.

To see if a custom system is right for you, just contact us.  We can do a brief investigation together and recommend which would be best for you.

Contact us!