Why choose a custom solution?

Answer: Integration and Cost

A truly comprehensive system recognizes your center is a holistic ecosystem.

It's possible to manage a center with a group of 3rd party services.  It's easy to sign up for a service and get going in minutes.  But you soon realize you need several services and they all have hidden costs.  The worst part is that they don't inter-operate.  When someone registers for your retreat, you need to manually enter them into your donor database, your email lists, your online communities and your ride share system.  They create more work than they save.

The Retreat Suite is like a box of Lego blocks.  Every piece fits together and we build the system just right for you.  Pay for only the modules you need.

Price List*

BYO WebsiteWe copy your existing web site to the Retreat Suite platform, upgrade it to latest mobile-friendly standards, add new pages for the Retreat Suite modules and design a new home page that automatically promotes your events, teachers and media.$2000
Design New WebsiteWe design a new web site for you to modern standards that best resonates with your intended audience. We assist with design, marketing and user experience based on our fifteen years of experience helping spiritual organizations serve their communities.$4000
Calendar and Registration ModuleInstall registration, payment, scholarships, rideshare, waiting lists, prerequisites and all other features listed under the Calendar and Registration section on the Features page.$2000
Teachers ModuleInstall landing pages for your teachers with their photos, bios and events.$500
Media ModuleInstall library of videos, audios and podcasts of your teachers promoted on their landing pages, your home page, YouTube and the iTunes store.$500
Resource Library ModuleInstall a library of articles and materials accessible to the public or only to your community or retreat attendees.$500
Community and Outreach ModuleInstall features to create and manage communities, volunteers and donors.$500

You'll save a lot of money with Retreat Suite because it has no ongoing costs.

Let's do the math.  Let's assume you have a medium sized center or community that books 200 spaces a month in classes and retreats for $100 each and an email list of 5000 subscribers.  Retreat Suite pays for itself in six months.

Monthly services at typical rates

Online RegistrationTypical fees including credit card processing$1300
Donor ManagementKeep track of donations, tax receipts, fundraising campaigns$200
Email listsAnnouncements, newsletters and automated emails.$90
Web hostHost your e-commerce web site.$100
Total Cost$1690
That's $20,280 per year in costs!

Retreat Suite Ongoing Costs

Online RegistrationPay only non-profit PayPal fees$500
Donor managementBuilt into platform and integrated with other services.$0
Email listsFully integrated with donor and attendee lists.$60
Web hostSelf cloud hosting.$50
Total Cost$610
That's $7,320 per year in costs, representing a savings of $12,960 per year!

* Typical costs.  During consultation, we'll break these costs down even further to deliver the perfect system for you.