You can sit with us

That's the tagline for InsightLA, and they live up to it.  Every page on their site is welcoming and friendly.  Built on Retreat Suite, it stays that way without a lot of effort.  Let's take a look at a few of their pages. You can click on the images to make them bigger, then visit their site to explore in detail.

You see a list of events

Retreat Suite sees revenue potential.  It picks events to spotlight that can earn the highest revenue at this moment and picks new ones every hour.

Feeding Frenzies

Retreat Suite detects sudden events like an email blast and automatically promotes events in the email.  It also adds urgency markers to entice a feeding frenzy of registrations.


Teacher focused

InsightLA has awesome teachers.  Now they have a home they can always count on to have their best and latest promotional materials.  Every Retreat Suite teacher has a modern, clean landing page they can link to from emails or social media, turning their promotion into yours.

Admin friendly

Maintaining attractive landing pages for 100 teachers proved impossible for InsightLA, which drove teachers to make their own sites, drawing promotion away from InsightLA.  Retreat Suite builds and manages these pages automatically.  0% admin. 100% current.


Easier accounting

Retreat Suite is customized to Braintree to automatically separate gifts from fees, send tax receipts and provide your bookkeeper with payments pre-assigned to your accounting categories.

Easy Donations

The Retreat Suite donation page is super simple.  We support Braintree payments for the best accounting and lowest industry cost.