Kitchen sink included.

Our feature list has no comparison, because it is uniquely tailored to the needs of a retreat center or spiritual community.

Calendar and Registration

  • Find Events. Calendar and list views, smart event lists that show important events on any page.  Events integrated with site search and teach bio pages.
  • Register for Events. Fully customizable registration forms.  Accept credit cards and checks and deposits.
  • Drop-in events.  Registration not required.
  • Repeating events.  Class series, ongoing regular meetings.
  • Suggested Donation.  Pay by suggested donation.
  • Sliding Scale.  Multiple price tiers (member, supporter, sponsor, etc.) with partial donations.
  • Early Bird pricing.  Set a discount for people who register early.
  • Scholarships.  Award scholarships by dollar or percentage discount.
  • Payment reminders.  Automatically reminds registrants to mail check if you don't receive it soon.
  • Volunteering. Fill volunteer positions.  Offer discounts to volunteers.
  • Special needs. Track special meal or housing requests (gluten-free, handicap access)
  • Track inventory.  Assign limited number of single rooms.  Assign equipment (yoga mats, seating cushions) to attendees.
  • Ride share.  Automatically link rides offered to rides needed, and puts parties in touch.
  • Waiting List. When an event fills, automatically switch to waitlist registration.
  • Auto-confirm or review.  Registrant can be added automatically to event upon paying or send an application to the Registrar for review.
  • Complete attendance history.  Registrar has complete attendance history of each registrant with private notes about their needs and experiences.
  • Prerequisites.  Set prerequisites for events.  System verifies completion of prerequisites during registration.
  • Multiple venues.  Assign events to venues.  Find venues on map.  List events by venue closest to you.
  • Customized email and display templates.  Give the automated emails and event display pages your unique brand and voice.
  • Bulk registration.  Register people in bulk.  For example, all attendees of a class get free registration to a retreat.
  • Custom event templates.  Make a single custom template for each event type (class series, weekend retreat).  A volunteer needs to fill only three fields to create and publish a retreat in minutes.
  • Class materials.  Download materials or access media private to event attendees.
  • Email groups. Send bulk emails to confirmed attendees, people on waiting list or people with applications in review.
  • Class homework.  Assign activities for people between meetings (daily yoga stretches).  System automatically emails homework at end of class.
  • Calendar Manager and Registrar.  Multi-role system that separates content displayed on website (Calendar Manager) from private info (special needs) only viewable by Registrar.
  • Special reports.  Reports for check-in, finances, registration, retreat job assignments, even for the kitchen for dietary requests.

Teachers and Media

  • Teacher landing pages.  Each teacher has an automated landing page that includes a bio, a list of important upcoming events and and library of audio and video.
  • Teacher management.  Assign teacher types with levels of promotion (guiding teacher, apprentice).  Hide inactive teachers.
  • Teacher dashboard.  Teachers can manage their own events, groups and newsletters.
  • Podcasts.  Automatically generated audio and video podcasts per teacher or combined into a single stream for your center.  Automatic promotion in iTunes and major podcast directories.
  • Audio and video.  Embed audio and video on your site.  Automatically appears in teacher library.
  • Integrated with calendar.  Teachers and venues shared between systems.
  • Search everything by teacher.  Find everything offered by a teacher with site search.  Find your center when people google your teachers.

  • Donations.  Accept one-time or monthly donations.
  • Donation tracking.  Track donations and generate tax receipts.
  • Professional newsletters.  Targeted newsletters to donors and attendees.
  • Fundraising.  Manage fundraising and membership drives.
  • Grow your community. Intelligent data analysis to pinpoint programs that generate growth.

Donor management and newsletters

  • Moderated ongoing support or practice groups, both online and in your community.
  • Mentor/student support.  Match mentors to students and monitor relationship.
  • Organize outreach groups. Assign leaders, members, materials and events.
  • Volunteerism.  Manager your volunteers by skills and roles.
  • Assign managers. Volunteer coordinator, outreach leader, group moderator, etc.  Each will have a private management dashboard for their role.

Programs And CommunitY

(not included with RS Hosted)

  • Articles.  Create articles or series of articles for teachings.
  • FAQs.  Get answers fast.
  • RSS.  Get articles automatically delivered.
  • Audio and Video.  Integrated with teachers.

Resource Library

(partial support with RS Hosted)

Retreat Suite is built on the commercial grade CMS DNN.  Why DNN?

Power = Simplicity

DNN is extremely powerful and customizable. This allows us to adapt it to any client's needs and processes so it is very simple to use. Most of our clients have been very successful with an all-volunteer staff.

Endlessly Extensible

DNN can be extended with thousands of modules and themes that provide new features and looks to your site.  And because we have full access to the open source platform, we can seamlessly integrate modules into the Retreat Suite.

Cloud and Mobile Ready

DNN and Retreat Suite are mobile ready, making finding and registering for your events from a phone a snap.  We can also host DNN on cloud servers, which results in super-cheap storage, low maintenance and 99.99% up-time.

Built on commercial grade CMS

(partial support with RS Hosted)

Complete Custom Design

(not included with RS Hosted)

Our associated design firm Six Fish, LLC has extensive experience in the unique needs of a retreat center or community.  We speak your language.

  • Sights, sounds and words.  We can help you communicate your unique presence to your online audience through beautiful images, pleasing designs, integrated media and the written word.
  • Compassionate guidance.  With deep experience in growing and serving wellness communities, we can guide you towards best solutions for you, not a commercial business.
  • Personal attendance.  A simple question.  Advice on composing an email.  Deep technical integration of your existing system with Retreat Suite.  Translating the techno-babble of another vendor.  We're your advocate.